Breaking: Bernie Sanders Ends 2020 Bid for President

SandersVermont Senator Bernie Sanders has ended his second Bid for the Democratic nomination for the President of the United States. On April 8, 2020 the Senator addressed supporters thanking them for working across the country on his campaign. He told his supporters a path to the nomination was no longer possible and that the Covid-19 virus is to dangerous to continue to ask for votes.

Sanders was once the front runner for the Democratic nomination after winning the popular vote in the first three voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada.

The Vermont Senator was able to raise more money than other Democratic candidate raising over 110 million dollars with over five million donations, more donations than any other candidate in history.

Its seems Sanders was not able to expand his base from 2016 after losing big in South Carolina and losing in a upset to former Vice President Joe Biden on “Super Tuesday.”

With the Senator ending his campaign former Vice President Biden will officially become the Democratic nominee against President Trump in the general election. Bernie Sanders has promised to do everything in his power to stop President Trump from getting elected to a second term.

The Vermont Senator has yet to endorse a candidate but is expected to endorse Joe Biden.



Chicago Tribune:Bernie Sanders suspends presidential campaign after disappointing primary results, leaving Joe Biden as likely Democratic nominee

Time:Sanders Campaign Announces $34.5M in Fourth Quarter Donations, Touts 5 Million Individual Contributions

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