QDOBA Is Providing Financial Relief to Their Franchisees


For many people, the coronavirus outbreak has led to a loss of money, jobs, and even a sense of safety. In a number of states, “shelter in place” rules have been enacted to try to stop the spread of the virus. However, in many cases, restaurants have been deemed essential businesses, as long as they are only offering take out and delivery. One business that has stepped up to help its people, happens to be QDOBA Mexican Eats.

In a press release from QDOBA, they explain how they are helping their franchisees in this time of need. One way that they plan to make a difference is by providing some financial relief. To that end, the company is “offering a royalty deferral program for eight weeks,” that began on March 20.

As many businesses look to keep their customers and employees safe, big businesses need to step in and help however they can. With QDOBA postponing franchisee payments, it gives these restaurant owners a chance to breathe in the midst of this crisis.

The CEO of QDOBA, Keith Guilbault, explained that the company, “understands the plight of our franchisees during these unprecedented times, and we are committed to supporting our local business owners in any way we can.” He goes on to say that, “We pride ourselves on being a franchisor of choice, and this means open lines of communication and being responsive to what our franchisees need.”

As the market continues to change and fluctuate based on the response to the coronavirus outbreak, QDOBA Mexican Eats is doing whatever they can to help their franchisees survive during these trying times. This includes offering this financial relief, as well as keeping the lines of communication open across the company. They are also offering daily webinars, and even looking to expand the way customers order and receive their food.

With so much uncertainty at this time, it makes sense that QDOBA Mexican Eats would do whatever they could to keep their doors open in some small way. By offering some relief to their franchisees, it gives these restaurant owners a chance to push forward, even as so many businesses struggle to find their footing in these unique times.

Written by Kimberley Spinney


Press Release from QDOBA Mexican Eats

Image Credit – Liza Lagman Sperl’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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