Madonna’s Single ‘Crave’ Follows Her Others and Flops on iTunes

MadonnaOn May 10, 2019, Madonna released her new single “Crave,” which will be featured on her new album “Madame X” which is being released on June 14.

This single is the third Madonna has released since April 19. The first being Madonna & Maluma – “Medellin” and “I Rise” on May 3.

Four years ago, Madonna had the worse selling album of her illustrious career “Rebel Heart.” Despite having some of the best remixers out there mixing such as StoneBridge, Erick Morillo, Mike Rizzo, and Dirty Pop, nothing could save the album.

“Madame X” was poised to be the return of the Material Girl to the charts and the mainstream audience.

Immediately, the singles fell off the iTunes charts, and radio airplay was less than expected.

Madonna’s performance on the Billboard Awards, where she spent $5M of her own money for Holograms of herself, not only did not boost sales of the song but she also did not chart on mainstream Billboard Charts.

The controversy surrounding her Eurovision finale appearance did not draw attention to her music. Ticket sales have been poor despite the fact she was on the bill.

Television stations in the United States decided against airing the show fearing bad ratings, not thinking Madonna would be a significant draw.

Madonna’s latest effort featuring Swae Lee “Crave” did not open at number 1 on any countries iTunes Charts.

It was already dropping on the charts by the second day of release. The song actually fell to 93 on the German charts and should be completely off the chart by May 12.

Pop Star Taylor Swift who released her song with Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie, not only broke all YouTube views for her latest song “ME!” but she continues to be on the iTunes Top 10 charts in the United States, Canada, United Kingdon, and Australia.

Crave follows “Medellin” and “I Rise” without a remix package. Fans have to rely on the many bootlegs, which also did not help matters.

Fans scream it is because of Madonna’s age. Cher, Diana Ross, Londonbeat, and Bruce Springsteen have all had hits recently with no difficulty. They do not want to admit maybe the reason is because of the actual song.

Madonna & Swae Lee – ‘Crave’ iTunes Charts Release Date May 10

Chart: #55
Most recent chart position: #93 – May 11

United Kingdom:
Chart: #25

United States:
Chart: #41

Chart: #44

Chart: #32

Chart: #9

Chart: #11

Chart: #11

Chart: #8

Madonna did not open in any country at #1. Fans scream that it does not matter. Madonna does not need to be number 1. No. Madonna does not need to be number 1, but her record label needs her to have sales.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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3 Responses to Madonna’s Single ‘Crave’ Follows Her Others and Flops on iTunes

  1. Henry May 23, 2019 at 7:32 am

    As a big fan of hers, the Eurovision was her worst performance ever!!! if that would happened in one of her concerts i would ask my money back!! her voice was so flat like she is not singing anymore, I am pretty sure she knows that because the audio of the performance is not the original in her youtube channel, It felt sad watching her and I don’t wanna sound as an ageist or something I celebrate all women no matter their age but I am sure Tina Turner would nailed it!!

  2. AAron May 22, 2019 at 11:05 am

    Madonna needs to make some music. This new shit is horrible. As a huge fan, I won’t buy it. It’s obvious that all 3 singles have flopped – I am not even buying a ticket to her show. The new music is so bad. It has nothing to do with sex, being 60 or being female. I’d rather listen to some cats than hear this shit.

  3. Melissa May 17, 2019 at 6:12 pm

    These are some bitter disgusting people who write these articles. Madonna has nothing to prove, she’s broken all the records she’s incredible. Stop judging her for chart numbers. She’s a self made billionaire. Let’s start celebrating women in music !


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