QAnon: A Look Inside


People have started to notice a new conspiracy theory group in recent years. QAnon has slowly become a popular talk amongst alt-right groups and those who enjoy conspiracies. Posts started showing up online in October of 2017, by an anonymous person named “Q Clearance Patriot.” According to the group, they have classified information on Donald Trump and his administration.

Evidently, multiple attempts to spread this information have been prevented These attempts have not stopped QAnon from trying other ways to get out their information. Q has an account on Twitter and sometimes tweets out information as sort of a poetic ransom note.

In June 2018, the anonymous person tweeted “Think SC vote to confirm (coming). No Name action. Every dog has its day. Enjoy the show.” Using context clues, “No Name” is the nickname for John McCain. “SC” is an abbreviation for Supreme Court.

There is no evident reason to believe that QAnon is part of Trump’s administration, but apparently, most Trump supporters do believe so. Also, in June 2018, a man in a homemade armored truck and armed with guns blocked a highway near the Hoover Dam. He held up signs referencing Q.

Because of this many more Trump supporters speculate that Robert Mueller, Trump or someone in his administration has something to do with the QAnon tweets. There have also been other conspiracies such as Mueller and Trump working together to expose and takedown pedophile rings amongst the global elite. Along with that, there is another attached conspiracy that every Democrat will be arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay.

Written By Parris Winfrey
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware

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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Mikemacmarketing’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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