Basketball Players in Men’s U Sports Trained to Become Super Stars


Team Canada has the potential to be one of the best basketball teams in the nation because they have so many talented players across the roster.

In fact, these Canadian university-student athletes have a bright future because they are determined to succeed and not settle for simply being average. This means that even after players are done with their university career, they still strive to become not only better players but also better human beings.

For example, a former Ryerson Rams guard, Aaron Best, considers himself as the best player in the country. Best also had a chance to earn medals and spot on the roster to play on the All-Canadian Squad hosted by U Sports. Throughout his athletic accomplishments, he maintained his school work because he was taught to strive for excellence in every area of his life.

There are other student-athletes have skills that will take them far in life. Players like the Scrubb brothers: Thomas and Phil. The latter once said,

It means a lot for me to come back here. I don’t get to play in Ottawa too much after I graduated, specifically in Canada, you don’t get that too often with the national team.

According to Phil Scrubb, going back to Canada seems to have highlighted his appreciation for the skills he acquired early in his career. He had a wonderful experience playing U Sports basketball and hopes to have the same or even better experience as he continues to proceed in life.

Written by Gloria Mcalpin
Edited by Cathy Milne


U Sports News: Where are they now: U SPORTS men’s basketball stars shine on world stage

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Sault College’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

Source: Where are they now: U SPORTS men’s basketball stars shine on world stage

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