Why WordPress Is the Better Choice


There many reasons, why WordPress is the better choice. One of the main reasons is that WordPress gives the user the power to do whatever they want with the software. WordPress had only one willing investor behind the company so that it could flourish to what it is today. In the year of 2010, the founder of Automattic, which is a development corporation, believed in the program enough he transferred his ownership to the WordPress foundation. Matt Wallenberg giving up his ownership ensured the growth of the project without being dependent on a company or developers. The best is yet to come. When the first version of the program came out it was a hit, but they knew they could not stop. They kept progressively working to make a better version. Furthermore, there have been six upgrades since 2016. WordPress is going on almost two decades of excellence and efficiency.

The five best comments for this great software that reviewed and compared how easy the plugin was to set up and use straight-out-of-the-box. “The simplicity of the configuration process”, “the features of the plugin had to offer and its quality.” “The user experience on the front-end.”  “How easy it was to moderate comments.” There are more comments down the line of people raving about how great the software program is. Another example of good feedback “easy to install with no coding required.” “there is an internal system to reduce spam.” “Threading comments and comment voting options are included.”

For example, there are many companies who have a partnership with WordPress as well as others that associate themselves with the freelancing blogger-friendly corporation. Many agencies have partnered with the company, such as Trew Knowledge and Alley. A quote from the agency side: “Our evaluation we consider it our responsibility to make sure you are in great hands. The partnership with the technology branches includes big names like Facebook, Getty images, and Skyward. A statement from technology: “We are much more than plug-ins, these are services with which we have developed tight integrations and close business relationships. Carefully we vetted for performance, security, and scale and are certified and are supported by our team.”

According to a pie chart blogging platform, 48 percent is WordPress hosted and self-hosted. In blogging, self-hosted is the first free blog host like blogger, Tumblr or WordPress.com (WordPress is free but people can only use it on a paid, self-hosted server), which does not cost anything. A blog host is a company that provides the space on its servers and equipment to store the blog. This way, the blog can be reached by anyone online. Established blogging hosts provide a variety. Some blog hosts provide blogging software as well. For instance, many of the things I have listed would not be accomplished without the helpful work, time, and dedication of WordPress.

Written by Teray Boyd
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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Image courtesy of  Andrej, Linde’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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