Grandmother, Key to the Family, Gone


Sept. 30, 2017 was one of the worst days of my and my family’s life. We lost the key to our family, my grandmother, Lucille Moore had passed away.

My grandmother had been in and out of the hospital since she was 21, and she died from breast cancer in September 2017. I was at a high school homecoming when my mother called my friend’s phone saying, “Tell Kera she needs to hurry up and get home.” I had a feeling. I knew she had passed away, because before that we were going to the hospital every day, since we found out she had cancer.

I, my sisters, and my cousins had to go through the pain of seeing my mother and aunt struggle with trying to get everything together for her funeral. They didn’t know how they wanted to do it, because they wanted it to be fair. They had to decide between days which cost more money, so whoever was coming could be able to come, or spend less money and have some family members not be able to come.

She didn’t have life insurance, so they had to find a solution for money. Luckily we had other family members, who really loved my grandmother because she was a nice person who never told anyone no, and just because she was family, they helped pay for the funeral.

My mom and aunt are in the process of suing the nursing home my grandmother was in because the way she was treated affected her body. She was basically neglected by the nursing home because they didn’t give her the proper care she needed.

One of her arms would be really big and swollen but the other one would be little, so they couldn’t even give her the stuff she needed to try and save her because they couldn’t give her an IV.

She was in and out the hospital for so long, but they did not once mentioned to my mother or aunt that my grandmother had cancer. How do you claim to care for others, at a job where you’re supposed to understand people’s health issues? Good or Bad!

One of my sisters is in first grade, and she getting all A’s. There was a time where she was very sick with the flu. She would be coughing hard and was not really active. This event brought back memories for my mother. It reminded her of when my grandmother used to be in the hospital and she had a bad cough.

My aunt took pictures of my grandmother and got a lawyer. We are still in the process of getting the justice my grandmother deserves. 

We recently got a call from the lawyer, and she was on board with it because it was a good case. Then, she received some results and said there is not going to be a settlement or trial. This made my mother so sad, she was so depressed and we didn’t know what to do. But, we got a call again and they found something else, so the case is back on. THANK GOD!

The one thing that’ll make my mother feel better is getting justice for her mother, my grandmother.

Written by Kera Dale
Edited by Jeanette Smith

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