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Gricelda Vicario

Jeanette Smith

Assistant to the Education Director

I am an educator and Boot Camp Cheerleader who is addicted to education. I am writing a thriller and am absolutely amused by politics!

Jennifer Pfalz

Cathy Milne

Cherese Jackson

Sheperd Mutsvara

Rowena Portch

Contributing Author

Multi-award-winning author for over 30 years, Rowena Portch is best known for her Spirian Saga, a nine-book series. In journalism, she has written numerous articles for reputable publications, such as LiveStrong, Public Slate, Airbrush Magazine, Northwest Travel, and Guardian Liberty Voice. Her spiritual commitment to God is foremost in her life, but her heart belongs to her husband Gregg and guide-dog Skye-Bear. She has earned a Bachelors degree in business management and a Masters in computer sciences. She is only 16 credits shy of earning her Doctorate in natural medicine. Portch worked as a senior technical editor for Microsoft and Osborne/McGraw-Hill. Other professionals see her as an intelligent woman who learns quickly and follows through with commitments. Her true distinction, however, is her drive for learning. Her family and friends call her a perpetual student who hates wearing shoes.

Kathleen O'Connor

Kathy Remak

Don Weiss

Juanita Lewis


  • Boldly Inclusive

    Inclusivity is perhaps the single most important human need to facilitate and demonstrate fairness for all members in an open and free society. When this principle need is compromised by appearances of unscrupulous, self-interested, privileged elites to perpetuate a systemic widening disparity between socioeconomic classes, favoring exclusivity, it is eminently imperative to galvanize public opposition to mitigate this threat